VIDAHAIR’s training for Trimmer Technology is a condensation of 30 years of experience that encapsulates all the best technical parameters established over time , to achieve the desired aesthetic effects, with precise map mounts that make the creative process much more functional and above all with proven end results. The purpose of the training is […]

Hair Care Maintenance

Natural Chic Inca Inchi is VIDAHAIR’s exclusive new line dedicated to the care of hair extensions made with Inca Inchi oil, obtained from the Sacha Inchi plant, which is rich in unique nourishing restructuring and moisturizing properties. Sacha Inchi is an extraordinary plant for its properties, native to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Inca Inchi is […]

Traditional hair extensions systems on the market

Different types of Hair Extensions offer versatile solutions for changing looks and increasing hair length. However, each method has specific contraindications to consider, such as breaking fine or super bleached hair. It is important to apply extensions according to technical standards to safeguard hair health. Some innovative methods, such as keratin-laced locks or extra-thin Weft Hair, have been enhanced to provide greater flexibility and fit. However, application on fine and super bleached hair remains discouraged. Choose the method best suited to your needs and take care of your hair professionally.

The Color Range – COLOR LAB

COLORLAB offers hair with “natural” but customizable color. Using the magnetic system, tones can be blended directly onto the client’s hair. You can color hair extensions with 100% intact cuticle, ensuring professional results. Custom color service is available upon request, allowing a unique product to be created for each customer. In addition, a custom palette can be created for creative use in the salon. We ensure color brilliance and durability without compromising hair health.

How to choose hair type

Hair extensions come from different parts of the world, but it is important to understand different hair types to make the right choice. Cymotrich hair, similar to Indian hair, is ideal. The REMY system preserves the cuticle for natural and versatile extensions.


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