How to choose hair type

The hair extensions industry is characterized by hair from all over the world, so how do we figure out which ones best suit our needs?

In the world there are hair shapes even before origin.

The Main Hair Shapes
The three main types found in the world are:

  • LISSOTRIC HAIR: typical of ethnic groups with Asian and Native American genes and characterized by being absolutely straight;
  • CYMOTRIC HAIR: Typical of ethnic groups with Indo-European genes, it is mostly smooth or wavy;
  • ULOTRIC HAIR: Typical of ethnic groups with African genes, it is curly and frizzy hair, with a closed spiral, and therefore difficult to comb;

Among these hair forms, Cimotrichs are the ones that most reflect the needs of the Hair Extensions industry because they have a wavy/smooth cuticle

The main ethnic group with cymotrich hair is Indian.

Where the hair comes from

Many Indians, at least once in their lives, decide to shave their hair in honor of Hindu deities such as Shiva and Vishnu so that they can intercede at their prayers.

Harvesting the Hair
Hindu worshippers, relieved of the weight of their hair, enter the temple to receive blessings from the deity. Some of the donated hair in many cases is made available for Hair Extensions.

What is the REMY System

The term REMY is used to identify that the hair is all in the same root/tip direction to ensure allthe characteristics of combability and wearability over time.

Remy system:
It is a phase of hair processing Which puts the direction of cuticles back in order ; this processing is necessary when collecting loose hair (no remy), these hairs are mainly found in a low cost market because the hair undergoes several manipulations both mechanical and chemical that lowers its quality level and durability

Remy Hair Naturally:
When hair collection takes place in temples and is enclosed in tails we are talking about the most exclusive collection, because we get 100% hair with intact and healthy cuticle.

VIDAHAIR hair is collected in temples and we choose only the one donated to deities, because we want the wearer to receive the same benefits as the giver.

What hair with intact cuticle means

Important element is the presence of INTACT CUTICLE on the stem that GUARANTEES naturally healthy hair.

Because of the intact cuticle, Hair Extensions hair can be colored, bleached and permed as it behaves just like the client’s own hair.



Hair Care Maintenance

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