Hair Care Maintenance

Natural Chic Inca Inchi is VIDAHAIR’s exclusive new line dedicated to the care of hair extensions made with Inca Inchi oil, obtained from the Sacha Inchi plant, which is rich in unique nourishing restructuring and moisturizing properties.

Sacha Inchi is an extraordinary plant for its properties, native to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Inca Inchi is the oil obtained by cold-pressing the plant’s peanuts, which has intensive restructuring properties, acts against free radicals, and is a natural antioxidant, rich in protein and vitamins E and A, is a very important source of Omega3-6-9.

Inca Inchi is one of the largest sources of omega fatty acids in the world and contains 47 times more Omega 3 than Argan oil.

Natural Chic Inca Inchi VIDAHAIR gives body, strength and silkiness to the hair, is a source of moisture for the hair, softens it and promotes cell renewal and thus helps maintain its natural elasticity. In addition, Natural Chic Inca Inchi VIDAHAIR treatment helps, protects and repairs hair from heat damage caused by styling equipment and visibly improves hair, eliminates frizz while brightening hair, creating a shiny and absolutely NaturalChic effect.

Natural Chic SHAMPOO
Restructuring shampoo, nourishes and moisturizes instantly thanks to its formula with Inca Inchi extract, rich in omega – 3, improves hair appearance by giving body, eliminates frizz. It also protects hair by reducing the risk of breakage and creation of split ends. Visibly improves the hair with each wash.
How to use: Distribute on damp hair, massage in. Rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Restructuring and nourishing conditioner, formula enriched with omega-3-rich Inca Inchi extract, nourishes conditions and moisturizes instantly improving hair appearance visibly as it instantly restores and repairs hair structure, allowing healthy voluminous and shiny styling while eliminating frizz. It also Protects hair by reducing the risk of breakage and creation of split ends. Visibly improves the hair with each application.
How To Use: Apply by massaging into washed and towel-dried hair. Comb through and leave on 3-5 minutes, then rinse. Continue after rinsing with Natural Chic CONDITIONER Inca Inchi.

Intensive repairing treatment protects hair from styling stress while always ensuring proper moisture elasticity and shine while eliminating frizz. Use both on damp hair as a styling preparer and on dry hair as a finish. Visibly improves the hair with each application.

The power of natural and sustainable resources with Natural Chic Inca Inchi

The Amazon rainforest, an inexhaustible and amazing source of nature and well-being.

VIDAHAIR for its hair extensions line turns its eyes to the natural, to a tradition of the past that does not belong to the Western world. Sacha inchi or plikenetia volubili Linnaeus, also known as “Inca peanut” or “Inca hand,” is a small hermaphrodite plant belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family native to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

The first to discover the beneficial properties of this plant were the Incas, who originally cultivated it in the Pacanaqui district of the Junin region, where the fertile soil with high mineral content makes the cultivation of sacha inchi particularly flourishing.

VIDAHAIR’s research and innovation team chose the active ingredient in Sacha Inchi oil, Inca Inchi, which is obtained by cold-pressing the plant’s peanuts, for its nutritive, emollient and healing properties.

Scientific studies have identified the Inca Inchi the best oil found in nature, because of its very rich composition of unsaturated fatty acids and, because of its unparalleled nutritional properties, the high content of OMEGA3 (more than 48%), OMEGA 6 (36%) and OMEGA 9 (16%) Provides the protection, elasticity and hydration of epithelial tissues.

The high antioxidant and regenerative properties of vitamin A and vitamin E prevent and treat skin and hair problems. The extraordinary qualities of its polyunsaturated fatty acids make Inca oil extremely effective for restructuring and protecting skin and hair.

Sacha Inchi and Inca Inchi have become an important source of sustainable income today. In fact, the organic cultivation of the plant and its marketing in extracts and oilsare part of “OMEGA PROGRAMME ,” a program that promotes and finances Amazon reforestation, environmentally sustainable development and better living conditions for the people of the Peruvian region.



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